The Sports Erasmus Programme

A Programme to enhance the European Dimension in sport

By Michele Colucci
with the support of Ann Becker


You, your friends,
And your children
Going abroad to play, to train,
And learn a new language.

having fun and learning about Europe through sport:
its principles and its values.

Going from Rome to London,
From Amsterdam to Barcelona,
Practicing your favourite sport.

An Erasmus Sports Programme.

Michele Colucci
Hearing on Sport at the European Parliament
Brussels, 18 November 2010

    In the name of Autonomy and Specificity

    (Bruxelles, 18 November 2010, Presentation in PPT)

  • Hearing at the European Parliament on "A future European Sports Policy"
    Michele Colucci proposes the "Erasmus Sports Programme"
    European Parliament, Brussels, 18 November 2010

  • The Erasmus Sports Programme:
    A simple proposal to enhance the European dimension in Sport

    by Michele Colucci
    Sport et Citoyenneté, 31 July 2012

  • Michele Colucci and his proposal for an Erasmus Sports Programme
    European Parliament: hearing on sport

    (To watch the video click here)




    The "coalition"

    Best practices

    Pilot project

      Some pilot projects will be established involving:

      4 amateur clubs (football, basketball, handball, volleyball, and so on) from 4 different countries to take part in summer or winter camps for some weeks.

      They will be hosted by one of the clubs with the support of the relevant municipality.

      The Athletes will be participating to a tournament and - at the same time - will follow other educative and training activities such as (i) language courses, (ii) seminars and (iii)workshops which would fit the Commission’s priorities in relation to social inclusion, fight against doping, violence, racism, etc.

      Most exchanges would also have to take place in pre-season / summer, so that normal seasons would not be affected.

      If you and your club want to take part to a pilot project please write to Michele Colucci at info@colucci.eu


      Thanks to all those who shared my enthusiasm for the Erasmus sports programme:

      To my (Erasmus) students, to my children (Patrizio and Giulia) and to the amateur athletes across Europe who inspired me;

      To the sports associations and clubs which showed an interest for the programme so far;

      To Ann Beker, Antonella Frattini, Christian Sentinelli, and David Carrol who have been working hard to give some shape to the programme

      To you for the attention and the support that you would like to give to the programme

      Michele Colucci
      Sports Law Professor,
      Erasmus student (1993/1994) and amateur football player



    In order to contact us please write an email to Michele Colucci at info@erasmusandsport.eu